Our manufacturer is located in Jiangment with skilled workers and machines.

We sell to those retailers and wholesalers, importers, traders, etc.

Yes, we offer the OEM and ODM services according to customers requirements.

We have nuts, ball roller picker up, sand roll bunker raker, glass cutters, wire stripes, etc

Yes, if you offer the samples or drawings, our factory will help you realize it.

Deburring, Drilling, Tapping, Sand Blasting, Anodizing, Hard Oxidation, Plating, Polishing, Grinding,, Heat Treating Salt Spray Testing, Painting, Powder Coating, Screen Printing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Spot Welding , Riveting, subassembly, etc.

Products we sold have an user manual included. If you have any questions misunderstand, feel free to contact us for more instruction.

Yes, customized package is acceptable.

Manufacturing Materials: support below machinable metals include but not limited to: 1). Aluminum alloy: 6060, 6061, 6082,7075, 2014. 2). Brass alloy, Bronze alloy, Copper, Titanium alloy: 3). Steel: 1010, 1018,1020, 1045,12L14,4140, 4130,42CrMo, 4340, Q235, Q345B, 20#, 45# etc. We can handle the CNC machining of all grades of steel mild steel, Carbon steel, , 4). Stainless steel: 303, 304, 316, 316L, 17-4, 17-4PH 5). Copper: C11000, C12000, C12000, C26000, C51000 etc. Copper is soft, so special care must be used when machining parts from copper using CNC devices 6). Titanium: With our tight tolerances and high quality CNC machines, we’re the ideal partner for high-quality titanium parts. 7). Magnesium 8). Brass/Bronze: HPb63, HPb62, HPb61, HPb59, H59, H68, H80, H90 etc. Brass and bronze are commonly machined for plumbing and other components. 9). Aluminum : AL6061, Al6063, AL6082, AL7075, AL5052, A380 etc. Nearly all types of aluminium could be worked with us from consumer-grade to medical and aircraft-grade materials.

▶ Alodine ▶ Anodizing ▶ Black Oxide ▶ Electroless Nickel Plating ▶ Electropolishing ▶ Media Blasting ▶ Nickel Plating ▶ Passivation ▶ Powder Coating ▶ Tumbling Zinc Plating

We offer a variety of different finishes for your CNC-milled parts, including the following: As-Milled An as-milled surface will contain minor tooling marks, measuring about ~125 RA µin. These marks will be visible on the finished part. Anodizing Anodizing adds a thin coating on your part, increasing corrosion and wear resistance, and often changing the color of the part. Sand Blasting sand blasting adds a uniform, textured surface finish for aesthetic purposes, and removes all tool marks. Powder Coating Powder coating uses a special powder-based paint to add a thin layer of even, protective polymer-based paint on the machined part.

Ball, nuts, apple roller picker up, Sand Roll Bunker Raker, Glass cutter, Wire stripes, etc.

MOQ is 1pc.

Within 24 hours.

For available products, quote within 12 hours. For Customized products, Please send your design drawings or samples to us with your requirements quantity, surface finish and material,etc. Usually you can get our quotation within 48 hours, while it depends on the workload.

By Email

Yes. The prototypes or samples could be made by soft tooling or hard tooling.

Yes. Rake only, handle only, or curved handle are available.

Not all the time. It depends on the raw material, labor cost and the courier charge. Sample charges will be refunded to you when you place the volume order.

TT in advance or Paypal

30% deposit before start order, 70% before shipment.

We also offer EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF price terms.

Sorry, now we don't have a webstore for online purchase.

Yes. All the parts will be inspected during production and will go through our quality control department before shipping. They will be inspected according to the 3D CAD files and the drawings. We can provide the inspection report if required.

Yes. We will arrange remake for you as soon as failed parts confirmed. Please provide us with pictures to show the quality issue so we can identify them and avoid such issues for your future order. All the remake cost and shipping cost to you will be on us. Our ultimate goal is zero defect and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our general tolerance is ISO DIN 2768F for metal parts. We can achieve +/-0.02mm or even tighter tolerance for CNC machined parts if required.

The tolerances of our machined CNC parts typically are in the following ranges: Dimensions of 0.5-6.0mm – Tolerances of ±0.10mm Dimensions of 6.0-30mm – Tolerances of ±0.20mm Dimensions of 30-120mm – Tolerances of ±0.30mm Dimensions of 120-400mm Tolerances of ±0.50mm Dimensions of 400-1000mm – Tolerances of ±0.80mm All of our machined parts are guaranteed to have angular dimensions within tolerances of ± 0.5°. Parts with tolerances as low as ±0.025mm can be made upon special request

Sample Approval Rate:≧99% Batch Qualification Rate: ≧99.5% On-time Delivery Rate:≧99.6%

Our QC team has a wealth of experience in quality control, we guarentee that each part can be fully inspected before shipping. Rapid prototyping inspection points include: FQC: The ultimate quality control; test the quality of products after all the processes have been completed. IQC: Material quality control; it confirms the quality of the procurement of materials. IPQC: Quality control of the process from the production to packaging. OQC: Quality control of the shipment and works as a comprehensive check to confirm quality and ensure that customers receive consistent content that has been agreed upon. QE: Seeks to test, control and improve the process to improve product quality from the quality control of the sample to production.

We could use your courier or forwarder, if you haven't, then we'll help you to arrange the shipment worldwide.

We offer air, sea, DHL, Fedex, UPS,

For our own products, they have stock ususally. If no stock, it take 15--20 days. For customized products, 20-30 days.

Sea & air: 21kgs. Express: no minimum weight.

Yes,we could offer the DDP shipping by air or sea, truck, train to Europe, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, etc, including all the taxes and duties.

Air shipping: 7-15 days to most countries. Sea: 20-30 days to USA, Australia, 35-40 days to Europe & Unitied Kingdom Truck shipping: 20-25 days to Europe & Unitied Kingdom Train shipping: 35-40 days to Europe & Unitied Kingdom

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